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Another Platinum course sold in Norwich


Welcome Mr B, who joins us the Platinum driving instructors training course in Norwich.

We’re delighted to welcome you and look forward to seeing how you progress under the expert guidance of ORDIT registered trainer, Anthony Norgrove.

Another course sold in Stafford


Welcome Andrew W in Stafford, Staffordshire who purchased a Platinum driving instructor training course yesterday.

It’s definitely going to be a New Year, New Career.

Am I taking a risk leaving my job?


Self-employment rises above 15 per cent


The self-employed population in the UK has grown by a further 88,000 in the past three months, compared with the last year. (Franchisor News).

The figures show that there are now more than 4.85 million self-employed professionals working across the UK. This rise has pushed unemployment levels across the UK to its lowest level since 1975. Self-employed individuals are the only facet of the British workforce to experience a significant uplift of income in terms of hourly rate growth.

Tom Purvis, political and economic adviser at the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed says: “Our research shows that when people make the decision to go self-employed, very few would consider giving it up for a job where someone else is your boss”