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Part One passed

Congratulations Mr R in OL12 Oldham, Greater Manchester who passed his Theory and Hazard perception test recently.

Silver course sold in Exmouth


Mr J taught his wife to drive which gave him the motivation to try his had at driving instructor training. He passed his Part One Theory Test under his own steam and then joined the Silver driving instructor training courses under the supervision of ORDIT registered trainer Keith Morgan.

Welcome to Surepass Mr J.

New instructor in Tyldesley, Greater Manchester


Proud to see Mr D starting on 10th September and his diary getting busier in the run up to his start date.

Mr D started his platinum course in late October 2017 under the watchful eye of his ORDIT driving instructor trainer, John Warriner.

He passed his Part One test in February this year and sailed through the Part Two 8 weeks later. It made sense to get more teaching practice ahead of his Part 3 in November and he can look forward to teaching a full diary ahead of his start date next month.

New instructor in Oldham, Greater Manchester


Mr K’s diary is already filling up nicely ahead of his start with Surepass driving school on 28th August.

He purchased the Gold driving instructor training course in March 2017 under the watchful eye of his ORDIT trainer John Warriner. Mr K went on to pass his Part 2 in January 2018 and completed all his Part 3 training this month.


Silver course sold in Oswestry, Shropshire


Welcome Mr K, passed his Part 1 test many years ago but couldn’t continue, now feels able to crack on and start his training under the watchful eye of his senior trainer Martin Cole.

Controlled trials for learner drivers


Driver2020 is a real-world trial of interventions designed to help newly-qualified drivers improve their skills and safety when they begin driving post-test. The research project is launching on 7th August. It forms part of the Government’s Road Safety Strategy, first mentioned in the 2015 Road Safety Statement. The research is being led by TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) and DIA have been working closely with them as a key partner.

The DIA are helping with delivery of one of the interventions being trialled, and now are asking for your help by encouraging your pupils to take part.

For more information about how to sign up for the trial please visit the Driving Instructors Association web site, click here for details

This is a national research project for learner drivers under the age of 25. To take part in the trial learners will receive:

  • aditional training and e-learning
  • They will be paid to complete surveys
  • Prize draw

Credit: Driving Instructors Association

Another Silver course sold in Manchester


Mr E on Stockport Rd, Manchester was really interested in our payment plans and prices. Having a competitively priced franchise and car hire seemed important to him. He contacted out driving instructor helpline on 0800 08 38 441 to speak to Andy on a number of occasions – that’s important to us, we understand that things have to be right and encourage all new course joiners to ask questions.

Mr E joined earlier this month. His ORDIT registered trainer will be John Warriner.

New instructor in Dundee joins the team


We’re expanding north of the border and are proud to include Dundee and our new addition Cheryl B to the team.

Cherly joined the Silver driving instructor training course in April this year and here she is just 12 weeks later starting to build her diary and earn while she continues to learn.

Welcome Cheryl.

Silver course sold in Abram, Wigan


Great to have a new instructor ask us to train to be a driving instructor. Mr Y was highly recommended to us, we talked through how we’d like to train him and looked at the options of who his trainer would be, looked at the best course to suit his needs. He opted for the Silver course after telling us he wasn’t undeterred by exams and didn’t feel the need for all the guarantees the other one to one courses offered.


Welcome Mr Y.